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Welcome to the year 2375.

The Earth Alliance colony of Turan was established roughly 100 years ago. Once a lifeless rock, the wonders of terraforming have transformed Turan into a planet with a vibrant ecosysem and climate designed to match the best and most desireable aspects of Earth. Located at the edge of Earth Alliance space, the colony was to be a region capital and home for over 2 billion colonists.

Of course things never work out as planned. The Va’Tak, an agressive, war-like alien race expanded into the rapidly expanding Earth Alliance about 75 years ago. Then all hell broke loose as the Va’Tak began attacking the new human colonies. The Earth Alliance was caught off guard by the presence of a technologically equal civilization bent on conflict.

The outer colonies were the first to be hit. A great battle between two fleets raged in the skies above Turan, during which the Va’Tak destroyed the colony’s jumpgate and hyperwave-relay station. The Earth Alliance fleet eventually forced the Va’Tak to withdraw and gave pursuit, leaving Turan alone and out of contact with the rest of humanity.

That was 70 years ago. And still Turan patiently waits for word from Earth.

The Edge of Space